Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello Europe!!

Here is Skare Schools (Norway) presentation for the "European chain reaction 2012". As you can see, the entire school will participate in this magnificent competition. May the best school win!!


  1. Hi Norway,

    Not a human chain reaction, but another BRILLIANT way to introduce the kids who will be behind the Norwegian chain reaction!

    Very nice to see all the children and the headteacher of the school!

    I want to wish you all the best of luck on the competition!

    Kind regards,

    Dave from Belgium!

  2. A simple and logical way to introduce your school. Congratulations!

  3. Sorry. the anonymous yesterday was me. A mistake in the comment. Regards.

  4. Hi to you all!

    We enjoyed your team chain reactions!

    Hugs from our Zadar,

    Ksenija and my Croatian team

  5. Hello, hello, hello!!!
    It doesn't happen very often that a Headmaster supports pupils this way. Looks like the whole school community has been involved in this project.

    I love it and wish you luck!

  6. Very nice presentation!
    Good luck for the competition!!!
    Love from Italy!!
    Emmanuele, Gaia and classmates