Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Human "Hello!" from Scotland!

"Hello to everyone from us in Yester Primary School in Scotland.
We present to you our Human Chain Reaction. Good Luck to everyone in the contest!"


  1. Hi, Michael, hello, Scotland!
    What a dramatic beginning!!!I almost start shivering with fear. Then, a VERY cute word chain reaction 'linked' by a word as a 'bridge' that connects words and build sentences!
    I'm thrilled, indeed!
    Thank you, Scotland!

    I can't wait to show last 3 videos to my students: I will let them comment all the videos tomorrow!

    Thank you for this very educational, charming and a very creative human chain reaction!We could do most from this short but very educational video clip!
    Thank you!

    Croatian team

  2. Hi Michael and kids,

    Very funny video, with a lot of funny kids! They are enjoying themselves, I can see and that's lovely to see!

    Great choice of music!

    Good luck on the technical chain reaction!

    Best wishes from Belgium,


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  4. Nice Chain!!
    Greetings from Italy!
    Aurora and classmates

  5. Hello, Scotland! We like your human chain reaction! Congratulations!
    Best regards from Bulgaria!