Saturday, January 7, 2012

ECR12 Germany

Dear ECR team!

With last year's chain reaction we explored the length of our school on the first floor.

This year we decided to check out the other dimensions by starting from the upper garden, quickly entering and crossing the newly built extension and concluding our chain reaction ouside again on the lower premises close by our sheep.
15 pupils worked for 5 days on this chain reaction (during their holidays, that is!).

Unfortunately, we had to cope with a very difficult weather situation this week, so we were not able to shoot our chain reaction in one take due to heavy wind, rain and even some snow. For this reason, there are some obvious cuts in our video. Nonetheless, we hope you will enjoy our presentation.


  1. Dear Steffen and your great , curageous German team,

    I enjoyed every second of it as you created a great, VERY LONG and WIDE story by using big sticks (leaders?), cans, all possible 'instruments' to tell us a story that happens in your school garden!
    How innovative & difficult (especially at this time of a year?: MY DEEP COMPLIMENTS!
    To all of you!!!

    You fascinated me with the immense number of different 'tools' used to get a very interesting, very creative chain reactions: I enjoyed as a kid in your team!

    Poor glass: finished its 'life' at the end!
    Very effective!
    & DO NOT botherr about some technical problems: I simply enjoyed watching your show with HUGE elements that serve to build a chain reaction!


    My best to you and your fantastic group of students!!!BRAVO, Germany!YOU DID IT GREAT DESPITE ALL OBSTACLES!!!

    Ksenija& my Croatian team

  2. tolle architektonische dimension aus dem garten durchs haus in den garten

  3. fascinating architectural idea: from the garden in the house, in the garden!
    and the sound!

    Tolle architektonische Dimension: aus dem Garten ins Haus in den Garten.
    und dann der Lärm
    kassel germany

  4. Oh, I forgot: you DID tell us a story of one's life, creating a great circle: the beginning of your chain reaction with these huge wooden stuff repeated with the same 'tools' (sheep extension?how do you call these huge wooden elements?I'm a town girl, sorry)to conclude your fantastic chain reaction: everything repeats BUT the surprises that often happen unespectedly (as the broken glass in your story).
    I forgot to mention it (this night,ha!ha!)when I was watching your outstandind work!

    A VERY INTELLIGENT chain reaction!

    Again, many congratulations!


  5. Hello Ksenija!

    Thanks for your overwhelming comments.

    The "big dominos" are pallets or palettes (apparently, there are two spellings).
    We had quite a number of them here, enaugh for both slots in the chain reaction.

    Our sheep are shortly visible behind me at 2:11 mins.

  6. I congratulate! Fantasy of people don't have limits:)

  7. Hello Germany,

    What a VERY VERY VERY COOL chain reaction you all made there!!!

    I think it was an exellent idea to make a chain reaction both in- and outdoors! The ideas you all worked out were very creative and well executed! Excellent OK GO imitation with the hammer and glass! I think the children in my classroom will like that "chain" the most!

    I've watched your chain reaction a couple of times now and I really think your children don't have lessons to learn anymore about science! This is really a piece of ART in the most modern way!

    It definitely is my favorite chain reaction so far!

    Kind regards,

    Dave from Belgium

  8. And hello from me in Scotland,

    Like Dave, I have watched your chain reaction now several times, and it's almost too good to be true! You have certainly worked some real magic there, with so many different aspects to the reaction, and the children have clearly demonstrated that they have become scientific experts!

    Brilliant effort!

    Good luck in the voting!


  9. ganz großer Sport !
    lg Paumi

  10. This is awesome. Interesting work with books. Love this, good job ! :)

  11. Alex and Finlay From ScotlandJanuary 10, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    We really liked your chain reaction; our favourite part of it was the smashing glass!
    Hope you had fun making it.

  12. Loved the bit at the end when the replay was in
    slow motion!
    from Angus in Scotland

  13. Lucy and Catlin in ScotlandJanuary 10, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    Hi guys great work on your chain reaction!!:)
    Good luck in the competition.

  14. Ewan and Finlay ScotlandJanuary 10, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    You did really well.
    Good Luck for the competition

    From Finlay H. and Ewan
    In Scotland

  15. Megan and Orianne from ScotlandJanuary 10, 2012 at 4:00 PM

    Very good and creative well done and good luck on the votes!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow, that was amazing!
    I am impressed by your creativity!!
    Good luck!

    From Nina
    In Croatia

  17. MATEA, MARTA. LAVINIA&PETRAJanuary 11, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    WoW 8D!! It's super, it's great, the picture is soo bright and the kids are soo calm and they look soo kind and sweet! Like they are born to be in front of camera! Nice greetings from Croatia

    NICE JOB <3

  18. MATEA, MARTA. LAVINIA&PETRAJanuary 11, 2012 at 4:30 PM

    WoW 8D!! It's super, it's great, the picture is soo bright and the kids are soo calm and they look soo kind and sweet! Like they are born to be in front of camera! Nice greetings from Croatia

    NICE JOB <3

  19. Germany - an outstanding chain reaction! After last year, I thought that you couldn't possibly have done any better but you have! A well designed chain reaction - Congratulations!

  20. You are great! This is a great chain reaction!

    Greetings from Bulgaria

  21. Hello Steffen, so many compliments in the commenst above, there´s nothing more to say. Great job, we guess we already know the winner of this copmtetition :-) Good luck from the Czech team!

  22. Great machine! We have watched it so many times ! The final step is fabulous !! Super! Bravi!!
    Greetings from Italy

  23. very nice chain From belgiË

  24. This is a great chain reaction.

  25. This chain is amizing !
    Greetings from belgium

  26. I like this chain reaction because it is very complex and funny!

    Greetings from Croatia,

  27. This is a great boulder and good chain reaction.

  28. Superduper cool!!!!Liebe Mia, nur dein süßes Gesicht fehlt mir:-). Glückwunsch an euch alle aus Hannover!

    1. Na, vielleicht ist sie ja stattdessen demnächst hier zu sehen:


  29. Wir werden am Bildschirm kleben!!! Ari meint: die Ketterreaktion ist super!

    1. Hi,

      I really like your reaction because everything is ao large.

      Have a nice day.

      Matej Kosec, OŠ Preska, Slovenia