Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ENGLAND's Chain reaction



  1. Hi England,

    I've build a stop motion movie myself once and I know how much work has to be done before you have a real movie...

    A real effort has been made here and I think you chose the right theme: Londen - Olympic games 2012! Being sportive is very important!

    Good luck on the voting!

    Kind regards,


  2. Hello!

    I'm speechless as I would never even DREAM that a chain reaction could be created by a slow motion!

    You astonished me completely (though, I've been mostly fascinated in the last week more than in the several other previous years:HOW BRILLIANT!

    England-sports in Olympics (are there ANY sport you haven't tackled?).

    Brilliant! Just PERFECT!
    The words can't express my excitement while watching your video: TOO COOL TO BE GOOD, one will say!
    And-I will agree!

    You won't need my luck! You did a fantastic job!!!

    Ksenija & Croatian team

  3. Big congratulations to England!

    That's a very sportive little chap you have created there. He is a sheer wonder of endurance and versatility.

    Fantastic to see how many kids were involved in this entry.

    Unfortunately, the Youtube version of this video is not available in Germany.
    There seems to be some conflict with performing rights.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, it was a risk trying animation but we think it paid off! Steffan, I have also uploaded it on school tube - In England we cannot watch vimeo or youtube in school, they are blocked! Here is the link


  5. Hello England!

    Well done on a first rate animation entry! The pupils in my class were involved in making animations last year, so they know exactly how much work goes into making one of these films, and they enjoyed watching your entry very much this morning.

    Best of luck in the voting, from your nearest neighbours!

    Michael, in Scotland.

  6. I think this motionpicture has to be the trailer/leader for the olympic games in London.
    Very well done.


  7. Congratulations!
    Very interesting and fun chain reaction!
    Best regards from Bulgaria

  8. We enjoyed the animation very much!
    Good luck and greetings from Italy

  9. a very good,creative chain reaction!!

  10. very nice drawings there must surely have been a lot of work but it's very nice

  11. Hi England,
    I think this is not really a technical chain reaction...

    BUT it is a WONDERFUL little film - very well done, very well planned and nice drawings! Your kids seem to know quite a lot of sports! And they did the drawing very well considering that the little guy has to move (the have to know about body proportions) and also has to connect from one child's drawing to the next. VERY NICE!!! You should be presented an "extra" award for the best film. Maybe next year there should be a new competition for primary schools added - schoolovision song contest, European chain reaction and than "cartoon"???!!!
    Btw I also like how you did this "simple" and very basic - on ordinary schools paper, with the kids' hands showing - very charming!

  12. wow very nice!!!

  13. Thanks for the lovely comments Sabine, although I must disagree with your comment about it not being a 'technical chain reaction' We researched the work of Rube Goldberg and perhaps his most famous work is that of cartoons. His inventions and chain reaction of events were often expressed as drawings. The title of the project is to make a 'creative Rube Goldberg' chain reaction!

    My children believe that this is what they have designed and created. Nowhere in this blog can I see that it requires the children to film a real physical chain reaction. My children felt the need to create something new and unique, rather than imitating last years entries! A lot of science went into the research of this project, including the biology of how a human moves and how a stop motion movie works. Hopefully the judges will realise this.

    Perhaps you might consider that we 'thought outside of the box' on this, rather than going along with a preconceived idea of what a chain reaction should actually look like!

    1. I can nothing to add but- every single word of yours is my opinion, as well!
      Once again, my deepest compliments to English crew! WELL DONE!!!

      Ksenija, Croatia

  14. This little movie is awesome and it sertainly deserves to win!
    You guys must have put lots and lots of work into this video and you sertainly deserve it to be in the top 3!
    Good Luck :)

  15. This is marvelous, I'm impressed! Congratulations!!!

    Greetings from Croatia,

  16. This is marvelous, I'm impressed! Congratulations!!!

    Greetings from Croatia,

  17. We enjoyed your work very much! Well done! How many papers or notebooks did you need???

  18. We enjoyed your work very much! Well done! How many papers or notebooks did you need???

  19. 61 children used notebooks, each with 48 pages