Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here is the Norwegian chain reaction

Lots of work, but we all loved doing it, and also very nice to be part of this great idea. We are looking forward to watch the other countries chain reaction. Seeing pupils ability to create is just an unique experience. Good luck everybody!! Lots of love from Norway.


  1. Hi all!

    Your chain reaction is very well done.
    We find that your work is fantastic and very impressive.
    The idea to wake up your teacher with explosions made ​​us laugh a lot.
    Good luck with the vote!

    The French team

  2. Hi Norwegian children (and headmaster)!

    What a superb chain reaction you all made there!

    I absolutely loved it very much, and I'm sure the kids in my class room will love it a lot too when I show it to them next Monday when we all return to school!

    Congratulations to all the kids in this project for creating this TERRIFIC chain reaction!

    I like the headmaster-shout very much too!

    Very fun chain reaction which will do extremely well on the voting, I guess!

    Kind regards from Belgium!


    I will watch it again now, because I like it that much!

  3. ANYONE who sees your chain reaction will describe it as:
    1. fantastic story of how to wake up (always) sleepy headmasters
    2. how to make it with exceptional charm that anyone could be impressed with: a pure charm of the children who enjoyed taking part in this SHOW
    3. 'technology' was increadibly well combined!
    4.HOW it is POSSIBLE to create SUCH a chain reaction with children as young as these from Norway
    5.ARE THERE ANY LIMITS? No, children are EXTREMELY CREATIVE guided by inspired teachers

    In a word( or two): PERFECT CHAIN REACTION!



  4. Hello Norway!

    They just keep getting better and better! This is just wonderful! You have managed to bring something new to all of this that is very welcome- a bit of humour, and that is really a valuable element- so very well done to all of you!

    I feel sure that you will do very well in the voting- so very best wishes from me in Scotland!


  5. It's a great idea to wrap your chain reaction in this lovely frame story.

    All the best for the voting!

  6. This year an amusing end like that in the last year. Very well done. Good ideas. I realy can see that you haved a lot of fun to create it.
    Your headmaster seemed to be an comedian.


  7. I liked the bit when the thing blew up and the
    Headmaster woke up and knocked over the dominoes!
    from Angus in Scotland

  8. Finlay H. and Ewan From ScotlandJanuary 10, 2012 at 3:58 PM

    Awesome chain reaction.
    Good Luck

    From Ewan and Finlay H.
    In Scotland

  9. courtney in ScotlandJanuary 10, 2012 at 4:01 PM

    Hi Norway! Good chain reaction!

  10. Norway, Your chain reaction brought a smile to my face! A humorous, well thought out chain reaction. A truly unique way of stopping the boss from slacking! Well done!

  11. Hi Paul it somone you know! (M & M) We think this i realy GOOD!!!! And thank you ;) Good luck! To us! ♥

  12. Very good work! This is a great chain reaction!

    Greetings from Bulgaria

  13. Great chain reaction, I like story the best, it is so funny!

    Gretings from Croatia,

  14. This is a great chain reaction really COOL.

    1. Hi,

      great idea to include headmaster and crane with a flag. I really like it.

      Gašper Jamnik, OŠ Preska, Slovenia