Thursday, January 26, 2012

The votes have been counted!!!

Just to inform you all, every country has sent in their votes and all of the votes have been counted!

So, tomorrow my students and I can record the ECR-2012-newsflash in which we will announce the winner of this years’ competition!

This newsflash will be published on the blog at Monday January 30th at 11:00 Brussels time, so everyone of you gets to know their position in the final ranking then.  We will show you the European Chain Reaction 2012 then too, and it will be a real nice one, since you all were extremely creative this year!  I hope all of you will be pleased with the outcome!

On Tuesday I will upload an overview in a votes-table, so all of you can see how many points you received from which countries.  (I won’t publish this on Monday to hold the excitement.  Now all of you are obliged to watch the newsflash if you want to know your place in the rankingJ!)

Best wishes,