Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scotland's Chain Reaction

Hello everyone!

Yester Primary School from Scotland proudly present their own entry for the 2012 European Chain Reaction Contest!

Twenty five pupils from our primary 5/6 class (9 and 10 year olds) collaborated very well with each other and worked very hard, and entirely on their own, to create this entry, which we do hope you will enjoy!

Let's all remember that to create a chain reaction from nothing takes a lot of work, and we already think that the other chain reactions we have watched are all excellent, so good luck everyone, and well done for all your hard work!


  1. Hi Scotland,

    What a great chain reaction you guys made! The elevator in this chain reaction is a fantactic idea which takes this chan reaction to a whole new level!

    I can see the kids had much fun and all of us can see clearly how well they worked together as a group!

    Congratulations to all of you and good luck on the voting! I'm sure you will do well!

    Kind regards from Belgium,


  2. Your chain reaction is very funny and full of good ideas.
    It is impressive!
    We also like the music.

    Congratulations to the team!

    The French team.

  3. Hej, Michael and Scottish team,

    it is almost impossible to create&perform such a clever, well-prepared excellent combination/compilation of THINGS and BODIES in such a funny, original, very creative way.
    The few seconds of music was a fantastic beginning that introduces us to something - fantastic!

    The lift element (with No1) & the door (what a great surprising element) was a great finale of this amazing performance made with lots of soul, Scottish spirit and devotion to a team work!
    My deep compliments!

    Ksenija & Croatian team

  4. Dear Michael, dear Scottish team,

    the few minutes of fantastic music announced the fantastic performance!

    Yes, it was the very creative 'combination/compilation of bodies & 'things' that served the outstanding performance with a special Scottish spirit & a humour (the lift & the door as the 'twisting' point)that could only leave us breathless with excitement and a joy in having fun watching this unique students' performance!

    Fantastic chain reaction!

    Our deep compliments,

    Croatian team

  5. Hello
    It`s very nice and it is an amusant chain reaction.
    Congratulations to all of you

  6. So nice to see your pupils are so playful and really enjoying their work. They have made a long and well-planned reaction. And the music was faboulus. Im going to Edinburgh late this month, so looking forward to visit your beautiful country again.

  7. Hello kids at Yester Primary!

    You showed us interesting ideas in your chain reaction.

    Good luck!

  8. Hey there Scotland! A superb chain reaction, once again! You had quite a journey around your school, showing wonderful smiles along the way. The children have obviously worked hard as a team and thought very carefully about the project! Well done to you all!

  9. Your reaction is very interesting. Fantastic performance. Fantastic music! We like your reaction!
    Good luck!

    Greetings from Bulgaria

  10. Joyful,creative and interesting!Fantastic Scottish music!!
    Antonio Gramsci Primary School

  11. wow really good and beautiful!

  12. It's excellent chain reaction, I like that part in the lift.

    Greetings from Croatia,

  13. Great job Scotland!!!!! Good luck! ;)
    Greetings from Portugal.